About Us

Midwest Mortgage is dedicated to making the mortgage loan process quick and easy for you! We provide a variety of mortgage loan types for purchase and refinance. You can be sure the mortgage loan you choose is exactly right for your budget and situation. Check out our loan comparison chart and frequently asked questions about mortgage loans. We offer the most competitive interest rates in Ohio, and serve customers with mortgage loans in Toledo and Michigan. Our Staff is here to answer your questions!

Why Choose Us?

  • Dedicated Mortgage Bank Services
    Midwest Mortgage Investments Ltd is a non depository mortgage bank. The company is based in Toledo Ohio and is licensed to provide mortgage loans in Ohio, Michigan, Florida, and Texas. Other states are coming soon.

  • A Direct Mortgage Lender, Not a Broker
    A Mortgage Bank is not a broker but a direct lender of mortgage loans. With no middleman, customers receive savings in the form of low fees and great low mortgage interest rates.

  • Support Small Business and Buy Local
    Midwest Mortgage Investments is a real bank with a brick building located on an important traffic artery in Toledo Ohio. We encourage people in all markets to support small businesses. Why trust your personal information and mortgage business to a huge corporation in a big city when you can deal with a business small enough to want your business but big enough to meet your needs. With Midwest Mortgage Investments, you won’t have to wait for somebody from New York or Chicago to get documents right for closing. Loans are underwritten in house. Midwest Mortgage is the lending bank at your loan closing.

  • No Problems, No Bailouts Needed
    Midwest Mortgage never got caught up in the sub prime mortgage business. Loan types that led to the mortgage meltdown were not done by Midwest Mortgage. This is a key to our strength and success today. Midwest Mortgage did not cause the mortgage crisis, did not suffer fallout from foreclosures because we have a lower average of loan failure than other local mortgage banks, and never accepted a bailout.

  • 15 Years of Experience
    After 15 years in business, Midwest Mortgage has seen and weathered all cycles in the real estate and mortgage market. You can count on the company to offer top notch service and low mortgage interest rates.

  • A Reputation You Can Trust
    Competent Professional Mortgage Loan Officers allow Midwest Mortgage to maintain a record of customer satisfaction as shown by our Accreditation by the Better Business Bureau, and an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau.


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